Bull Run Prophet Warns: 4 Looming Threats Could Derail Markets

January 5, 2024

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Just five companies, all heavily involved with AI, have boosted the major averages into bull market territory.


One of those stocks, Nvidia, was up 189% in the first half alone.


Nvidia is a legendary home run, but our Weiss Ratings AI specialist, Jon Markman, has homed in on one high-rated AI stock in particular

It’s our pick for The #1 AI Stock of 2024 and Beyond.


2023's champagne bubbles have fizzled, and the market's ready to step out of its sparkly dress and into its trading boots. While the New Year's rally might be fading faster than a forgotten resolution, fear not, traders! Today's Traders on Trend is your compass for navigating the upcoming market maze.


Our headline act: the stock whisperer who predicted 2023's bull run is back, this time revealing the four hidden dragons threatening to scorch your portfolio. We'll dissect these beasts, from the Fed's fire to Washington's gridlock, leaving you armed with the knowledge to navigate their flames.


But before you reach for the fire extinguisher, let's explore some bright spots. Intel's chart hints at a potential ascent, and our "Market Moving News" section is packed with catalysts that could swing your portfolio like a trapeze artist.


So, ditch the party hats and grab your trading helmets – it's time to play the market's game. 


Today's Market Mood: Moderately Bullish

The Bear-Bull Meter


Daily Market Roundup: Balancing Act on Wall Street


The New Year's market fireworks have faded, leaving behind a scene of cautious optimism and simmering uncertainty. After two days of selling, the major indices found their footing, trading in a mixed bag as investors await Friday's Nonfarm Payrolls report, the data point poised to choreograph the Fed's interest rate ballet in the early months of 2024.


Tech's once-glittering spotlight dimmed further, with Apple taking a second analyst jab to the chin, sending its stock lower and dragging the Nasdaq down for a fifth straight session. This "Magnificent Seven" member, toasted for its 2023 gains, seems to be losing its shine. For tech bulls – this could be just a temporary dip in the disco. 


Next week, the Consumer Price Index and earnings season add their melodies to the mix.


Meanwhile, a subtle "rotation trade" is taking center stage, with investors moving away from last year's darlings and towards sectors that sat out the 2023 party. Financials, healthcare, and utilities are now basking in the spotlight, their valuations catching up to the beat.


"It's a balancing act," says an analyst, "a question of whether the rotation will become a full-blown switch, or if the tech titans will regain their swagger."


Closing Numbers:


  • S&P 500: -0.3%, a cautious dip after a shaky start.
  • Dow Jones: +0.03%, a tentative step forward.
  • Nasdaq: -0.6%, the tech beat continues to lose its rhythm.
  • 10-year Treasury yield: +0.09%, the bond market hums a different tune.
  • Cboe Volatility Index: +0.58%, a slight tremor in the market's confidence.


The Takeaway:


The market's still finding its footing in 2024, but Friday's jobs report could be the catalyst that sets the pace for the coming months. Keep your eyes on tech's comeback potential and the "rotation trade" – it might be time to diversify your portfolio's dance moves.

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Market Mischief


Did you know the first stock ticker wasn't a fancy screen, but a guy in a bowler hat sprinting around the trading floor yelling out prices? 


Imagine the chaos if Apple took a nosedive today – suddenly, Wall Street would sound like a pack of auctioneers on espresso. Good thing we have fancy algorithms now, though – those guys in hats probably had terrible cardio.


Remember, even in the digital age, there's always a bit of human drama behind the market's moves. Next time you check your portfolio, picture a bowler hat flying by – it could be the ghost of ticker tape past, reminding you that the market's always a wild ride, even without the roller coaster.


Chart of the Day

$INTC - Silicon Sunrise: Can Intel Rise Again?


Intel's chart is whispering possibilities, hinting at a cautious ascent after years spent treading water. Like a determined climber inching towards a summit, the price is scaling above both the 8 and 21-day EMAs, with the 50-day SMA offering a sturdy basecamp below. This upward march is backed by the MACD's bullish grin and the ADX's unwavering confidence. Just a word of caution – the RSI is flexing its overbought muscles, suggesting a possible pit stop for some price consolidation.


So, should you join the Intel expedition? Consider this: buy during strategic retreats towards the 8-day EMA, keeping a stop loss below the 21-day to prevent a nasty tumble. Plant your initial profit flag near the recent peak, then let trailing stops follow the upward trail, capitalizing on Intel's newfound swagger while keeping risk in check.


Remember, even mountains have switchbacks, so be prepared for some price fluctuations. But for the patient investor, Intel's chart paints a promising sunrise, suggesting the chip giant might just reclaim its tech throne.


Market Nostradamus Throws Cold Water on Stock Market Party: 4 Dangers That Could Dampen the Bull Market


I predict!

Remember Ed Yardeni, the crystal ball gazer who saw 2023's bull run with laser precision? He's back, but this time, his forecast isn't sunshine and rainbows. While he still believes the Roaring 20s promise techno-driven prosperity, he warns of four ominous clouds casting shadows over the near-term stock market.


The Fed's Tightening: Wall Street's dream of rate-cut serenades might turn into a harsh monetary tightening symphony. Yardeni predicts the Fed will keep its hawkish grip, squeezing the hopes of investors who expected a quick waltz away from rising borrowing costs. This mismatch in expectations could leave stocks bruised and battered.


Washington's Gridlock: Forget bipartisan choruses – Washington's political opera features paralyzing discord. Yardeni fears budget battles and soaring debt will turn into a fiscal cacophony, attracting bond vigilantes like moths to a flame. This budget blues could send the market into a mournful minor key.


The Middle Eastern Drama: The Gaza war's escalating drumbeat could disrupt global trade's rhythm, stoking inflation's fiery chorus and forcing the Fed to keep its rate-hike boots on. While oil remains curiously subdued, a regional conflict's warcry could send stocks scrambling for cover.


China's Stuttering Recovery: The Dragon's economic engine sputters, coughing up deflationary whispers. This could slow global earnings, putting a brake on the market's ascent. However, a silver lining emerges – China's economic blues might just keep its itchy fingers off Taiwan, preventing a geopolitical thriller that could send markets plummeting.


Despite these dark clouds, Yardeni remains an optimist at heart. He sees the Roaring 20s as a long-term epic, not a short-term sprint, and believes the U.S. economy will ultimately write a triumphant finale, pulling equities along with it. His mantra? "We have nothing to fear but nothing to fear."


So, should you panic? Not necessarily. Yardeni predicts a first-half slowdown, followed by a second-half rally, with the S&P 500 potentially reaching 5,400 by year's end. But be prepared for some turbulence, investors – the market's symphony might be a complex composition, with discordant notes before the grand finale.



Market Movers: A Day of Surprises and Cautious Optimism


Big Tech Takes a Tumble: Apple's shine dimmed today, falling 1.3% after Piper Sandler downgraded the tech giant, citing concerns about its valuation and a potential slowdown in the first half of 2024. This follows a 5.5% dip so far this year, marking a sharp contrast to its stellar 48% rise in 2023.


Lilly's Telehealth Gamble: Eli Lilly's new website, LillyDirect, offering weight-loss drugs via telehealth, initially sparked a rally, but the stock ultimately retreated 0.5%. Investors remain cautious about the long-term impact of this digital venture.


GM Cruises Higher: General Motors found itself in the driver's seat today, zooming 0.6% after Wolfe Research upgraded its outlook, citing undervaluation and promising growth potential. The automaker seems to be catching the eye of analysts.


Mobileye Sputters: Autonomous driving tech company Mobileye Global hit the brakes, plummeting nearly 25%. Customer order declines and excess inventory cast a shadow on their future, raising concerns about the industry's growth.


Peloton Partners with TikTok: The fitness equipment maker pedaled to a 14% gain after partnering with TikTok, aiming to reach a new generation of fitness enthusiasts. This collaboration could be a game-changer for Peloton's brand and user base.


Walgreens Cuts Dividend, Shaves Stock Price: The pharmacy giant's stronger-than-expected quarterly results couldn't offset the sting of a 50% dividend reduction. This move, aimed at bolstering its long-term financial health, sent the stock tumbling 5.1%.


Eyes on Jobs and the Fed: Next Friday's jobs report will be in the spotlight, potentially revealing a slowdown in December's hiring compared to November's robust numbers. Watch for clues about the Fed's next move, especially regarding its potential "pivot" towards looser monetary policy.


Hawks Circle the Fed Minutes: The FOMC minutes released Wednesday hinted at a slightly more hawkish Fed than previously anticipated. While the peak of the current rate hike cycle might be near, the future path remains uncertain, depending on economic developments. Market expectations for rate cuts are adjusting accordingly, with futures traders revising their predictions downwards.


Overall, yesterday's market was a mixed bag, with some surprises and cautious optimism. The tech sector faced headwinds, while other industries saw glimmers of hope. As we head into earnings season and await the Fed's next move, buckle up for a potentially bumpy ride, but remember, the long-term outlook remains positive.



Random Musings and the Time Machine


Random Musings


Market Metamorphosis: Imagine if tech stocks shed their high-flyer persona and donned the comfy sweaters of utilities? The "Growth vs. Value" debate might turn into a cozy reading session by the fireplace.


Fed's Balancing Act: The Fed's juggling act is getting intense! Inflation, employment, and economic growth keep tossing lemons, while investors yell "make lemonade!" It's a tightrope walk with a high reward, but one wrong step could leave everyone sticky.


Meme Stocks to Retirement Portfolios? Remember the frenzy over Dogecoins and GameStop? While still a wild card, could these once-ridiculed plays eventually find their way into serious investment strategies? Stranger things have happened in the financial circus.


Is Time Travel the Ultimate Hedge Fund? Imagine scooping up Apple shares before the first iPhone release or diving into Bitcoin pre-boom. The returns would be astronomical, but wouldn't the ethical and economic repercussions be equally mind-boggling?


The Robot Accountant Paradox: As AI takes over financial analysis, will human intuition become the new "secret sauce"? Maybe the future isn't about crunching numbers, but understanding the subtle whispers of the market – something robots might still struggle with.



On this day in history, January 5:


1757: Louis XV of France survived an assassination attempt, and just like the markets, he had his ups and downs but remained in power1.


1933: Prohibition ends in the US, leaving a hangover of unintended consequences. Bootleggers become CEOs, speakeasies morph into nightclubs, and the Roaring Twenties roar a bit louder.


1970: Richard Nixon signs the Environmental Protection Act, a landmark legislation ushering in a new era of environmental consciousness. It's a reminder that sustainability and economic growth can dance together, not fight.


1997: Garry Kasparov, the chess champion, loses to Deep Blue, the IBM supercomputer. Is this the dawn of AI dominance, or just a pawn sacrifice in the long game of human-machine collaboration?


2008: Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone, forever changing the way we communicate, consume, and even invest. This little device proves that sometimes, the greatest innovations come in the smallest packages.



Final Ledger


As we slam the gavel on today's market musings, remember this: "The only thing harder than watching your stocks fall is explaining it to your spouse while wearing your 'World's Best Investor' mug."


The market may be a fickle beast, and like a seasoned carnival barker, it'll lure you back with promises of sugar-coated earnings and thrilling roller coaster rides. Just don't forget the sunscreen and keep your eyes peeled for the exit – you never know when the cotton candy machine might sputter.


Until next time, happy investing, and remember, even a flat market is better than a flat tire on your portfolio.


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