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December 29, 2023


As the champagne corks pop and confetti settles, Traders on Trend rings in the New Year with one last hurrah for 2023! Forget resolutions – we're serving up market insights that'll leave your portfolio feeling fireworks-worthy.


First, a toast to "woke" winners – our final issue for 2023 reveals how socially conscious companies surprised everyone with green shoots of success. Then, we crack open "Chart of the Day" to dissect Microsoft's epic breakout, charting a course for potential 2024 gains that'll make even Scrooge Scrooge McDuck jealous. And of course, we'll dish on the hottest market-moving news, spiced with a dash of random musings to keep your brain bubbly.


This is our final bow for the year, folks, so raise a glass and join us as we dissect the market's last act before the curtain falls on 2023. Grab your eggnog (or your bubbly of choice), and let's celebrate the year – and the market – in style!



Today's Market Mood: EXTREMELY BULLISH!

The Bear-Bull Meter


Market Roundup: Hoisting the 2023 Trophy (with a Nervous Eye on the Punch Bowl)


Wall Street's preparation for the curtain call for 2023 was a mixed bag, with the Dow Jones continues to create a new record high and the S&P 500 doing a victory lap just shy of its own record. Tech titans continued their victory dance, propelling the S&P up 24.6% for the year – a sharp rebound from 2022's nosedive. But while the champagne corks popped, a low murmur of "December payrolls" hung in the air, a potential Grinch lurking in the wings of the market's holiday cheer.


The Dow's record-breaking performance was fueled by whispers of the Fed's potential pivot to interest rate cuts next year. Investors, are banking on a "soft landing" for the economy – avoiding a recessionary hangover. But the Cboe Volatility Index, ticked up slightly, suggesting some nerves are still simmering beneath the surface.


The Nasdaq took a breather, down slightly but still on track for its ninth consecutive weekly advance. Meanwhile, the Russell 2000, the small-cap understudy, stumbled a bit but remains on course for a seven-week winning streak and a 17% gain for the year.


So, what does this mixed bag mean for you, dear reader? Get ready because 2024 promises to be a thrilling ride. Here's a strategy to keep in mind:


Keep your eyes on the December payrolls report. A strong jobs number could spook the Fed and delay those interest rate cuts, sending the market into a tailspin.

Don't abandon the tech titans just yet. While they might take a breather, their long-term dominance seems secure.


Diversify your portfolio. Don't put all your eggs in the tech basket. Spread your bets across different sectors and asset classes to weather any market storms.


Remember, the market is like a complex cocktail – it's gonna have its sweet spots and its sour notes. But by staying informed and adapting your strategy, you can raise a toast to success, no matter what the market throws your way. Cheers to a prosperous 2024!


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Market Mischief: Dow Jones Does the Jitterbug, Investors Do the "Huh?"


The Dow Jones is on fire, setting record highs like a disco ball in a laser tag arena. But investors are doing the robot instead of the hustle, wondering if this party's fueled by punch or pure delusion. Why the confusion? Whispers of a "soft landing" for the economy are sounding suspiciously like a karaoke rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody."


So, should we break out the glowsticks or the emergency exits? Only time, and maybe a good economist with a microphone, will tell. Until then, hold onto your hats and your skepticism – this market's got more twists than a pretzel factory.



Chart of the Day

$MSFT: From Pixelated Paperclip to a Breakout Beast


Move over, Clippy, there's a new sheriff in town – and it's got horns. Microsoft's stock, after patiently chilling in a bullish triangle since 2019, just blasted through the $350 resistance level like a Surface Laptop through a Jello mold. Boom!


Now, before you start celebrating with Gates-worthy tequila shots, remember: it's not over till the fat lady tweets (or in this case, retests the previous structure level). But hey, with the tech giant's cloud muscles bulging and metaverse dreams sparkling, a further climb upwards looks as inevitable as Windows updates on Patch Tuesday.


Just a friendly reminder: I play by my own trading rules, stricter than a Minecraft hardcore mode tutorial. So, while I'm bullish on Microsoft's future, don't mistake this for a personal buy signal. Do your own research, consult your financial oracle (or that voodoo trading app you downloaded), and remember – long-term vision is key. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with some discounted Bing searches about "how to invest in digital paperclips."


"Get Woke, Go Broke"? More Like "Get Woke, Go Green!"


They're everywhere.

Remember the chorus of "Get woke, go broke" echoing from certain corners this year? Well, it seems the joke's on them, because a surprising bunch of "woke" companies just delivered some seriously green returns. From Bud Light's transgender TikToker collab to Apple's climate crusades, these socially conscious choices didn't just spark outrage, they sparked profits.


Take Bud Light, for instance. Sure, Kid Rock's AR-fueled tantrum sent the beer tumbling, but guess what? That dip was a buying opportunity. Those who saw past the boycotts and invested in May are now clinking glasses with a cool $1,000 profit per 100 shares. Nike, despite the transphobic chorus, saw similar gains, rewarding investors with nearly $2,000 per 100 shares bought in June. And Apple? Don't even get us started. The iPhone giant's 56% surge since January makes those "woke" emoji seem like golden icons, with a potential $7,000 profit for early believers.


Even Disney, with its feminist Snow White and diverse Little Mermaid, saw its stock bubble up over $700 per 100 shares. So, while some may scoff at "woke" stances, the market seems to be singing a different tune. It's not about political correctness, it's about recognizing changing values and tapping into new consumer demographics. Call it "woke capitalism" if you must, but the numbers speak for themselves: sometimes, doing the right thing just happens to be the right investment.


But a word of caution: just because a company takes a "woke" stance doesn't guarantee riches. Do your research, understand the market, and remember, even the most socially conscious companies can stumble. Still, this year's "woke winners" serve as a reminder that sometimes, the most profitable investments are the ones that align with your values and the changing landscape of the world. So, next time you hear the "get woke, go broke" chant, just smile and think, "green shoots, baby, green shoots."



Market Movers: Tech Triumphs, Turbulence Tests


Apple Smartwatch Wins Temporary Reprieve, Stock Up: The Big Apple got a bite-sized victory, with its smartwatch ban temporarily lifted. Investors cheered as AAPL climbed 0.2%, eager to keep the wearable tech party going.


Boeing Faces Scrutiny, Stock Takes a Dive: The 737 MAX hit turbulence after the FAA announced close inspections for a potential loose bolt. BA dipped 0.7%, a reminder that even the smoothest flight plans can encounter unexpected bumps.


NeoGenomics Gets Blocked, Stock Plummets: A court injunction halted a key NeoGenomics technology, sending NEO tumbling 18%. This biotech brawl is far from over, but for now, investors are hitting the sell button.


Penn Entertainment Gets Boardroom Buzz, Stock Surges: A hedge fund's board seat ambitions got PENN pumped. The stock jumped 6.4%, as investors bet on a potential poker shakeup at the gaming giant.


December Payrolls: The Market's Big Bet: Next week's jobs report is the main event, and Wall Street is holding its breath. A strong showing could bolster rate-cut hopes, while a weak performance might throw a wrench in the market's recovery narrative. Stay tuned for fireworks on both sides of the trading floor.


Jobless Claims Climb, Economy's Pace in Question: Rising claims hint at a possible slowdown, but November's surprising jobs gain adds a layer of uncertainty. December's payrolls will be the ultimate judge, with the potential to reshape market expectations for the Fed's next moves.


Fed Rate Freeze Likely, Cuts Still on the Horizon: Futures point to a steady hand from the Fed in January, but with a cut likely by March. The market's optimism about rate drops remains high, but next week's jobs report could throw a curveball into those expectations.


Retail and Wholesale Inventories Shrink, Housing Holds Steady: Both inventories dipped slightly in November, suggesting a cautious consumer and a housing market still finding its footing. Pending home sales remained flat, a mixed signal that could foreshadow further trends in the real estate landscape.


This week's news is a rollercoaster of triumphs and turbulence, and next week's jobs report promises to be the ultimate thrill ride. Stay informed, adapt your strategies, and keep your eyes on the prize, keep a cool head and a sharp eye for opportunity.



Random Musings and the Time Machine


Random Musings


Market Mimicry: Is Wall Street's optimism catching? Just like the Dow Jones breaking records, my holiday shopping list doubled in length after spotting a "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" deal on instant ramen.


"Woke" Profits: Turns out, doing good for the planet and your portfolio ain't mutually exclusive. Maybe those "Get Woke, Go Broke" bumper stickers need a vinyl refresh?


Job Market Murmurs: December payrolls loom large, casting a shadow over festive cheer. Will it be a Santa rally or a Scrooge-sized slump for the market? Time to polish that crystal ball...


Tech Turbulence: Boeing's potential bolt blues got me thinking – maybe self-driving cars aren't such a bad idea after all. At least they won't forget to tighten their lug nuts.


Retail Realities: Pending home sales holding steady? Don't tell that to my wallet, still recovering from Black Friday's retail blitzkrieg.



On this day in history, December 29:


1995: The World Trade Organization (WTO) is established, aiming to promote free trade and settle trade disputes. Just a reminder, even global commerce needs a referee sometimes. ⚖️


2004: The Indian Ocean tsunami devastates Southeast Asia, leaving over 227,000 dead. A stark reminder of the power of nature and the importance of global cooperation in times of crisis.


2006: North Korea conducts its first nuclear test, raising international tensions and sparking concerns about nuclear proliferation. A sobering anniversary, highlighting the ongoing challenges of nuclear security. ☢️


2016: WikiLeaks releases documents alleging Russian interference in the US presidential election. A significant moment in modern political history, raising questions about cyber warfare and foreign influence. ️


2019: The first confirmed case of COVID-19 is reported in Wuhan, China. Three years later, the pandemic's impact is still felt around the world, serving as a reminder of the interconnectedness of our global society.



Final Ledger: Market Merrymaking


As we close the book on 2023, the market's like a tipsy tightrope walker, high-fiving tech titans one moment, dodging "get woke, go broke" hecklers the next, and nervously eyeing the Fed's potential rate-cut tightrope in the distance.


It's been a year of surprises, from record highs to meme-fueled madness, and even the most seasoned investors have had to keep their toes nimble. But as the New Year's confetti settles, remember this:


"The only thing certain in the market is uncertainty." – Carl Icahn


Embrace the unknown, diversify your portfolio like a circus act, and keep a healthy dose of an open mind. Cheers to a prosperous 2024, and may your investments pirouette to the tune of success!



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