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Legendary Trader Tom Busby  is about to share with you today a strategy that has worked on over 100 private signals with a remarkable 72.5% success rate


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December 6, 2023


Welcome to today’s edition of Traders on Trend! We're diving into a labor market that's looking a lot like your favorite classic movie: familiar and surprisingly comforting. The big news?


The Great Resignation seems to be taking a great retreat. Quits are down, suggesting we're back to the old normal. Is it a sigh of relief or a hint of nostalgia? Either way, the job market is reshuffling its deck.


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Now let's get on to today's actionable market updates and the latest Market Moving News (see below).


Today's Market Mood: EXTREMELY BULLISH!


Daily Market Roundup and Strategy


Welcome to your go-to source for the latest scoop in the stock market! Let's dive into the recent happenings without any time-wasting fluff.


1. Equity Rally Hits Pause Button: After a year-end sprint, equities are catching their breath, dipping for two days straight. The big picture? It's a mix of labor-market chill vibes and interest-rate guesswork. European markets are playing a game of mix-and-match, while Asian stocks are on a bit of a downward stroll. Moody's isn't feeling too upbeat about Chinese bonds, hinting at some debt drama amidst their fiscal fiesta and property market blues. In the U.S., long-term Treasury yields are taking a leisurely slide, oil's playing it cool, and OPEC+ cuts are getting the side-eye from investors.


2. The Great Rotation?: This year's stock market darlings, the Magnificent 7 (you know them – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and the gang), have been driving the S&P 500 party. But hold on – there's a plot twist! Since late November, the limelight is shifting towards the underdogs, like small-cap stocks. This change could signal a golden chance to invest in those who've been waiting in the wings, especially if we hit a bumpy economic road in early 2024.


3. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: All eyes are on the job market this week. The JOLTS report shows a bit of a chill in job openings, hinting at a more relaxed labor market. This Friday, we're all waiting to see if the November employment numbers will get a boost, thanks to the end of those UAW strikes. A robust job scene has been the consumer's knight in shining armor against inflation and high borrowing costs. But it's a double-edged sword – too much heat in the job market might keep the Fed's inflation-fighting gloves on.


Investment Strategies: In light of these developments, consider a two-pronged approach. Initially, look towards traditional defensive sectors – they might shine if the economy hits a soft spot. As we move forward and if growth picks back up, pivot your gaze to small-caps and value investments. They could be the unsung heroes of the next market chapter. Remember, the key is agility and a keen eye on market trends. Happy investing! 📈🔍🚀

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Chart of the Day

$SPY is playing 'connect-the-dots' with trend lines — plotting a breakout


The $SPY is flirting with destiny at the edge of its asymmetrical dance floor. As it sashays up to the descending trend line, the market's pulse quickens with anticipation.


Will it be a breakthrough into a year-end party, or a shy retreat back into the triangle's familiar grip?


A successful push above this trend line might just set the stage for a spectacular rally, ushering the $SPY to new heights. Watch for the market to tip its hand—will it be a rousing ovation or a polite golf clap?


Market Mischief

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Market Moving News


Nvidia Adapts to Navigate U.S. Export Restrictions: Nvidia's shares got a 0.8% boost in early trading, thanks to CEO Jensen Huang's announcement of plans to tailor new chip products to meet U.S. export restrictions for China. This strategic pivot follows a heads-up from Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo about selling AI chips to China. Smart move, Nvidia!


Nio's Battery Business Takes Its Own Road: The Chinese electric vehicle powerhouse, Nio, is gearing up to spin off its battery production arm. This move, hot on the heels of their earnings call, aligns with Nio's strategy to focus on R&D while outsourcing battery manufacturing. Nio's shares responded positively, revving up nearly 2% before the market opened.


AMD's Pre-Launch Buzz for Its New GPU AI Chip: Advanced Micro Designs (AMD) saw its shares rise by about 0.7% pre-market as it gears up to unveil the Instinct MI300 GPU chip today. Pegged to be a game-changer with expected sales of $2 billion in 2024, AMD seems set to intensify its rivalry with Nvidia. Analysts are watching closely, ready for comparisons with Nvidia's H100 chip.


Eli Lilly's Zepbound Steps In Amid Wegovy Shortages: As Novo Nordisk grapples with supply issues for its weight loss drug Wegovy, Eli Lilly announces the availability of its alternative, Zepbound. With a pricing strategy that could lower costs to $25 for some, Eli Lilly's shares nudged up by 0.4% pre-market, while Novo Nordisk's remained steady.


A Positive Outlook for Private Sector Employment: The employment landscape looks promising as the ADP report anticipates a spike in private sector jobs for November, surpassing October's additions. Alongside, U.S. productivity growth and trade deficit figures are set to be released, offering more insights into the economic pulse.


Random Musings and the Time Machine


Did you know?


Lincoln Fitzgerald turned a near-death experience into a jackpot. Surviving a murder attempt in 1949, he later ran not one, but three casinos in Nevada. Talk about turning the tables!


Heinrich Schliemann, in his quest to uncover Troy, ended up destroying parts of it by digging a trench through Hisarlik. Guess sometimes you can be too enthusiastic about history.


The International Fire Marshals Association isn't just about putting out fires; they've also sparked a ban on fireworks in some U.S. states. Safety first!


Trần Lập didn't just rock the music scene in Vietnam; he also rocked its legal scene by being involved in the country's first internet copyright lawsuit. A true trailblazer!


"Bitter Legacy," a 1982 book by Richard C. Lukas, gives us the scoop on how America, during the early Cold War, lost its grip on Poland, which then cozied up to the Soviet empire. A real-life geopolitical thriller!


Andrea Carla Michaels, a crossword aficionado with over 80 puzzles in The New York Times, is also known as San Francisco's "Pizza Lady." Who says you can't mix words and pizza?


On this day in history, December 6:


1060: Béla I took the throne as King of Hungary in Székesfehérvár, starting his royal journey.


1846: The Mexican–American War heated up with the Battle of San Pasqual near San Diego. Not your average California skirmish!


1912: The Nefertiti Bust, now a superstar among ancient artifacts, was unearthed in Amarna, Egypt, before Germany called dibs on it.


1956: 14-year-old Aussie swimmer Sandra Morgan splashed her way into history at the Melbourne Olympics, becoming the youngest Australian to snag an Olympic gold.


1988: A big day down under as the Australian Capital Territory got the green light for self-government. A milestone in Aussie autonomy



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